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In 1918, Aunt Nolie Henson, with the help of Rev. Joseph Jenkins, pastor of the First Baptist
church in Jerseyville, organized a Sunday School at the Old Grant School, located about 7 miles
southwest of Jerseyville. As enrollment grew, the two decided a church was needed.

God and Aunt Nolie provided the inspiration. Leslie Stamps provided the land, and business
owners and community members provided the money and labor necessary to turn Aunt Nolie's
dream into reality. The non-denominational Union Forest Church, named for its location near
the woods, was officially dedicated in December 1920.

The last church service was held in the simple country church in the 1970s, and the Stamps
family, represented by sisters Gale Stamps Rothe and Susan Stamps Wynn, donated the Union
Forest Church to the Jersey County Historical Society in August 2010. To transport the church
to its present location, the steeple had to be removed and the walls lowered two feet to safely
pass beneath overhead power lines. It was officially opened and rededicated at the 2011 Apple
The Union Forest Church
Today, the Union Forest
Church looks much as it did
when it originally opened.
The refinished pews, pulpit,
prayer rails, and attendance
board once again grace the
sanctuary of the church. The
original church sign hangs
above the church's main

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