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"When you go home, tell them of us and say, for their tomorrow, we gave our today."
The Kohima Epitaph

When the Revolutionary War was fought, Illinois did not exist as a state or even as a U.S.
territory. It was part of the Province of Quebec and under the rule of the British. But
seven of the men who helped forge the very foundation of our nation relocated to this
area after helping win our freedom from Britain. And here they helped forge the future of
Jersey County by building cabins, clearing the land, raising their children, and planting
the seeds of civilization.

Since the birth of our great nation, thousands of Jersey County residents have fought to
defend her freedom and to promote her democratic ideology throughout the world. And
hundreds of them paid the ultimate price by giving their lives for our freedom.

Here we pay tribute to this extraordinary group of individuals. Click the links above in
the left margin to learn more about the local "boys" who fought in the various wars.
Roll of Honor