Jersey County Historical Society
601 N. State Street
Jerseyville, Illinois 62052

webmaster: Beth McGlasson
A tour of the Jersey County Historical Society Museum offers an extraordinary glimpse of
the past.

The school area pays homage to education and includes antique school books, desks,
slates, and other items that occupied schoolrooms throughout the county.
Museum and Flautt Addition
To schedule a tour of any or all of our
buildings for groups of 10 or more, phone
Carol at 618-498-2811 or 618-639-4749.
Smaller groups and individuals can join
us at our annual
Apple Festival and tour
all our buildings for a nominal fee.
The Transportation Room
The transportation room includes a
variety of vehicles from the past 150
years, including an 1880 1916 Model T
Ford, and a 1930s Harley Davidson
The Domestic Rooms
Our museum includes seven domestic
rooms. The child's room is decorated
with an assortment of furniture, toys,
clothing, and other items that would
have happily found a home in a child's
room in days gone by.

The quilt room celebrates this staple of
yesteryear, as well as the art of sewing.
Highlights of this room include an
amethyst darning bob, a 1912 Singer
sewing machine, and quilts dating back
to the 1880s.
The laundry room houses an interesting
collection of laundry accessories from throughout
the years, including a vintage gas, steam, and
charcoal irons; rug beaters; washboards one of
Bissell's earliest carpet sweepers.

The loom room contains a beautiful handmade
walnut loom constructed by Benjamin Stith for
his wife in the mid-1880s. No nails were used to
build the loom. Instead, mortise and tenon joints
and fitted pegs hold the loom together.

The kitchen contains an impressive array of
antique kitchen gadgets and staples, including a
crystal radio, coffee grinder, and apple corer.

The bride's room features a variety of items
relating to weddings, including gowns and men's
suits, wedding books and invitations.
One of the most beautiful items gracing
this room is an intricate veil made by
Frantiska Kazimour for her wedding in
1842 to Frantisek Kalal.

The adjacent ladies room features an
assortment of accessories that have
adorned women through the decades. The
collections include hats, hat pins, jewelry,
shoes, perfume, and more.
The Military Room
The military room contains an impressive array of military memorabilia, including medals,
Confederacy money, uniforms, books, and other items dating from the Civil war to the present.

There is also a tribute to former Jersey County resident Russell Dunham, one of only 324 men
awarded the congressional Medal of Honor during World War II.
The Flautt Addition
The Flautt Addition, made possible through the
generosity of Les Flautt, contains a fascinating
collection of radios, clocks, toys, walking canes,
housewares and a street-vendor's 1902 popcorn
wagon, which Mr. Flautt restored himself.

This section of the museum also houses one of the
most extensive collections of Indian artifacts in
Illinois and a mammoth bone found near
Otterville in Jersey County.