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Dating back to 1827, the Cheney Mansion has plenty of history - and plenty of ghosts. Based on
the experiences of volunteers and the findings of several paranormal groups, it is believed that
original Red House or slaves who hid in the basement's false cellar, which served as a "station" on
the Underground Railroad. Or perhaps some of the souls buried across the street in the Old City
Cemetery became restless when those burial grounds were neglected and abandoned.

Ghost tours of the Cheney Mansion are held on Saturday nights, and the cost is $25 per adult.
(All guests must be at least 16 years of age, and we ask that your group include six to 10 people.)
The evening begins with a tour of the mansion and an opportunity to view our gallery of ghost
tour photos to see if you can spot some of our unnatural residents. Then the lights are turned
out, and the hunt for ghosts begins.

Join us and learn:
  • Which ghosts lurk in the basement (There's more than one down there, and they don't like
  • What happened to one local policeman that caused him to refuse to enter the Cheney
    Mansion after dark
  • What modern-day appliance the ghosts often start when no one is there
  • In what room a door mysteriously opens and closes
  • What smells alert volunteers to the presence of P.D. Cheney and his long-time nurse, Miss
  • What faithful pets have remained in the house even after their deaths

If you'd like to learn more about the findings of some of the paranormal groups who have visited
the Cheney Mansion, search the Internet for "Cheney Mansion paranormal."  
Are you afraid of things
that go bump in the night?
Ghost Tours
To schedule a ghost tour, phone Carol Senger at 618-498-2811 or 618-639-4749.